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AuGlaize Village

AuGlaize Village - Historic homes of Defiance, Ohio

The recreated village is a restoration project of the Defiance County Historical Society. Begun in June 1966, it is an attempt, not only to restore a village with buildings typical of rural northwest Ohio in the early part of the nineteenth century, but also to provide a setting where the visitor becomes uniquely involved in the recreation of history.

AuGlaize Village presently consists of 41 new, restored and reconstructed buildings (circa 1860-1920). Some of the buildings on display include: a cider mill, a cane mill, sawmill, doctor's office, blacksmith shop, a church, one room school house, Miami & Erie Canal Lock-keeper's house, railroad station, two log cabins, barber shop, general store, telephone company building, post office, steam barn and smoke house.

AuGlaize Village is located on Krouse Road off US 24 just 3 miles west of Defiance, Ohio. Visitors will become uniquely immersed in the lifestyle of their pioneer ancestors thanks to more than 30 years of volunteer effort by members of The Defiance County Historical Society. Restored buildings (circa 1860-1920) include a cider mill, sawmill, doctor's office, blacksmith shop, a church, one-room schoolhouse, Miami and Erie lockkeeper's house, smokehouse, railroad station, village cook shed, two log cabins, barbershop, general store, telephone company, post office, and even a two-hole outhouse! Also found at the site are museums housing farm implements, steam engines, and other early vehicles of transportation, as well as military equipment and uniforms. You'll also enjoy the natural history and archaelogy displays. Completing the array is the Mansfield Museum - a huge red barn that is home to the Street of Shoppes, the Hall of Appliances, and an old-fashioned homemade ice cream parlor.

Several museums are open, including four farm museums housing small farm implements and large equipment, a military museum that exhibits military costumes of different periods, a natural history and archaeology museum, a model railroad museum that house a large collection of H O scale railroad equipment and an operating train layout.

Kinner Cabin

Fig 1: Kinner Cabin at AuGlaize Village, Defiance, Ohio

The Kinner Cabin is one of 17 new, restored, and reconstructed buildings at AuGlaize Village. A two story log building, the Kinner Cabin was moved from the Kinner Farm, west of Ayersville, Ohio in 1973. Constructed about a century ago, the structure features an unusual dove-tail corner joint system. This structure has been restored with a new fireplace and is currently being finished to its previous state.


Kinner Cabin interior

Fig 2: Kinner Cabin interior at AuGlaize Village, Defiance, Ohio

When Village visitors step inside the Kinner Cabin they are instantly taken back to the pioneer lifestyle of Northwest Ohio residents of long ago.The interior of the cabin is a wonderful display of antique furniture, personal items, cooking ware, and other household items. Once inside, you will gain a true sense of rural family living during the 19th century. Every year there are special event days at AuGlaize Village where authentically costumed craftsmen demonstrate a wide variety of pioneer skills.



Defiance Truck

Fig 3: Defiance Truck at AuGlaize Village, Defiance, Ohio

Another focal point of activity at AuGlaize Village is early transportation. The Black Swamp Steam and Gas Show is hosted annually. This beautifully restored truck, manufactured right here in Defiance, is a notable example of historic vehicles found in one of several museums in the village.



Pioneer Skills

Fig 4: Pioneer Skills at AuGlaize Village, Defiance, Ohio

During all special events at AuGlaize Village visitors can observe authentically costumed crafters demonstrating a diverse array of pioneer skills. Each summer Black Iron Artistry attracts crowds to watch the blacksmiths at work.





The Village Mayor

Fig 5: The Village Mayor at AuGlaize Village, Defiance, Ohio

A favorite of Village regulars and first time visitors alike, Mayor Lynn Lantz is always ready to provide a VIP tour for special guests. Perhaps you'll meet him at the Johnny Appleseed Festival held in October every year.

Open Weekends Only: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, June through August, Special Event Days Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Located 3 miles west of Defiance, off U.S. Rt. 24 on Krouse Road.
Tel: (419) 782-7255 or (419) 393-2662


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